Kristen Bell enlists Dax Shepard to help with jokes for SAG Awards

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  • 9 January 2018
Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has enlisted her husband Dax Shepard to help her write jokes for the Screen Actors Guild Awards as she prepares to host the ceremony later this month

Kristen Bell has enlisted Dax Shepard to help her write jokes for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The 'Frozen' star will be hosting the SAG Awards on January 21 and has recruited her husband to help her pen some funny intros for the event.

She said: "I'm sure he'll be helping. Living with a writer is so great because you can just ask them, 'Is this funny?' He's a little bit of my secret weapon, but also one of my best friends is an amazing writer, so we brought her on the show. Monica Padman - she's a comedian and helps me shape all these ideas and then I run it by Dax and then we hopefully have a show."

And Kristen is really looking forward to the ceremony.

She quipped: "A lot of overwhelmingly funny moments with my kids inspire me to get out of my house and host this show, where I don't have to wipe anyone's butt cheeks hopefully! ... When you have young kids, it's so special to be with adults. People who you know you could ask a question and they just respond. Just the other day, I was watching my kids and one of their friends, and I got questions like, 'Is Santa Claus real? Why is earth? Who made dogs?' That's a lot of pressure."

Kristen is the first-ever host of the SAG Awards and is excited to be pioneering this new role.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "This is a bit of a blank slate because no one has ever done it before, so we're gonna have some fun, but there's a lot of ladies involved. [We're] really celebrating and honouring every one of the actors, but we're letting the women take center stage and attempt to balance the conversation a little bit. This might be ladies' night."

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