Mikey goes down

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  • 7 July 2008

Mikey was sent to jail in the rain

Mikey was sent to jail last night, despite the pouring rain. The disabled housemate - who is completely blind - roughed it in the 'Big Brother' jail for discussing nominations with politics student Luke.

The 'jailbird' said he was "shocked" when Big Brother broke the news in the Diary Room.

Big Brother told him: "Michael, in a conversation with Luke about Belinda, you said, 'let's just say, if I'm awake tonight because of her, she's going'.

"Luke replied, 'going where - B-Block?'. You replied, 'she's either leaving here or going out the front door, because I ain't putting up with it'."

After he was sentenced, Mikey told fellow housemates the decision was unfair.

He said: "It was my own personal thing on the situation that I was gonna address on my own, in my own way.

"They construed it into trying to influence things. That is totally not the case - absolutely no way."

Luke added: "You're an innocent man!"

Big Brother provided Mikey with a sleeping bag and "wet weather items".

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