Neill Blomkamp has 'moved on' from Alien

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  • 4 January 2018
Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp

South African director Neill Blomkamp has insisted he's "moved on" from his 'Alien' movie

Neill Blomkamp has "moved on" from his 'Alien' movie.

The 38-year-old director had been eyed to helm an 'Alien' sequel with actress Sigourney Weaver, but the plan was subsequently scrapped after Sir Ridley Scott made 'Alien: Covenant'.

Asked whether he'd moved on from the issue, Neill replied on Twitter: "Yes. I have moved on. What I meant was that I wish there was a way for fans to see some of what we had designed. It was an amazing chance to work in the world Ridley and James Cameron created. And collaborate with Sigourney."

Neill previously admitted that his ambitions to make an 'Alien' movie were "totally dead".

And the acclaimed director confessed that he'd been left feeling "sad" by the whole scenario.

He shared: "I think it's totally dead, yes. That would be an accurate assumption at this point. It's sad. I spent a long time working on that and I feel like it was really pretty awesome.

"But politically, the way it's gone now and the way that it all is - it's just not going to live."

Prior to that, Sir Ridley - who helmed the original 'Alien' movie in 1979 - gave his own account of the situation, revealing that the proposed film never evolved "from a dozen or so pages".

He said: "I don't think it will ever see the light of day. There was never a script. Just an idea that evolved from a dozen or so pages.

"I had to participate as producer but it didn't go farther because Fox decided it didn't want to do it.

"As far I was concerned, I had already done 'Prometheus' and I was working on 'Alien: Covenant'."

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