Mikey and Rachel win

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  • 6 July 2008


Mikey and Rachel won the Big Brother Street Art task last night. The contestants were split into pairs and challenged to draw portraits of new housemates Belinda, Maysoon and Sara - who entered the house on Friday - and then present their pictures to the rest of the group, being as "expressive" as possible.

Talking about his and Kathreya's work, Stuart said: "We've got Belinda's beautiful golden eyes of a starlet because she's a singing sensation. And we've got all the musical notes coming out of her, er, not big mouth, but her just very, er, not small mouth."

Mario and Lisa then took to the stage, but their presentation got off to a bad start when Mario mistakenly called Belinda "Melinda".

Next up, Rebecca and Luke - who was covered in fake tan - said their theme had been orange.

Luke said: "It's very obvious that the theme of today is orange. So we decided to adopt that theme into our paintings, because we want to incorporate you three into our group."

Finally, Rachel and Mikey took to the stage, where Mikey said: "Ours is a very abstract representation. Sara did offer for me to feel her breasts, but I thought that was kind of taking advantage of my disability."

The new housemates conferred before announcing Mikey and Rachel had won.

The pair received a token from Big Brother as a prize.

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