Tom Chaplin 'too old' for Keane

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  • 27 December 2017
Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin believes he is "too old" to reform Keane, as he has too many responsibilities now that he is a father to three-year-old Freya

Tom Chaplin believes he is "too old" to reform Keane.

The 38-year-old singer is best known for his time as the frontman of the 'Everybody's Changing' rockers from 1997 until their indefinite hiatus in 2013, and whilst the band have still not official split, Tom believes that now he's become a father to three-year-old Freya - whom he has with his wife Natalie - he has too many responsibilities to consider recording with Keane again.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: "When you've got dogs crapping on the kitchen floor and a small child, you think, 'I wouldn't mind being able to sort my own diary'. It's a pragmatic, boring reason but a compelling one at this stage of life."

It comes after the 'Somewhere Only We Know' hitmaker previously admitted he and former band mate Tim Rice-Oxley have a "complicated relationship" which would need to be repaired before a reunion could be discussed.

He said: "Me and Tim have a really complicated relationship. We have great love and respect, but there are other elements in that relationship. I think in order to do something with Keane we would have to explore ways to make it a happy and positive experience again. And at the moment it doesn't feel for me it's the right thing to be doing."

Tom saw his life spiral out of control in the mid-2000s due to his addictions to drink and drugs, and after picking himself back up again, he suffered a relapse two years ago.

His decision to pursue a solo career and keep Keane in the past could be down to a fear he may relapse again, as he recently admitted he wanted to put his past behind him and set a "good example" for his daughter.

He said: "Addiction is a passive-aggressive way of expressing myself. It can be a very sadomasochistic way of living life. But now I am a father, I can finally face things and it's a chance to be a good example. I wasn't available for Freya and I was incredibly sad about it.

"But I am on the other side of that now. I know there is a little part of me in her and I can't always protect her from everything. But I'm an open book and am happy to talk to my family about my past problems."

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