Noel Gallagher doesn't want to be a 'stadium rocker'

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  • 24 December 2017
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher doesn't want to be a "stadium rocker" at his age, because he think she has "conquered the world" enough

Noel Gallagher doesn't need to be a "stadium rocker" at his age.

The 50-year-old musician believes he has "conquered the world enough" and has proved his ability on stage over the years, but since hitting the big milestone he has changed his ways and thinks being a crowd pleaser at his age is "undignified" .

He said: "I don't need to be a stadium rocker anymore - I did it when I was in my twenties and thirties and forties, and I was good at it. I don't particularly want to be a stadium rocker when I'm 50. I think it's undignified.

"I've conquered the world enough, I've got enough money. In fact, I've got too much f**king money. Do you want some? I'll send you some. How much do you want? I don't need any more glory."

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker quit Oasis in 2009 after he was embroiled in a spat with his brother and band mate Liam Gallagher backstage at a concert, but the star has admitted he has no plans to reunite with the group, and the thought of joining forces with the band again "doesn't enter [his] thoughts" at all.

He said: "I know that people will not let it go, alright?. I'm not saying you, I just mean people in general.

"It doesn't enter my thoughts at all."

Although Noel has silenced any speculation of him returning to Oasis, he is "flattered" people continue to ask him because it makes him realise he was "something of real worth".

He told Music Feeds Online: "I mean, it's quite flattering in a way because it means that you did something of real worth. But you know, I did it. I'm done with it. "

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