Seth MacFarlane: Moving from acting into music is 'very hard'

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  • 24 December 2017
Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Hollywood star Seth MacFarlane has argued that it's "very, very hard" to transition from acting into being a musician

Seth MacFarlane admits it's "very, very hard" to transition from acting into being a musician.

The Hollywood star has successfully made the switch from the movie business into the music industry, and he has even received a Grammy Award nomination for his fourth studio album, 'In Full Swing' - but Seth insists it's not been an easy jump to make.

He shared: "There's something about people's appreciation of the music they like that's particularly passionate.

"It's like when people are obsessive about sports teams that they like. People are obsessive about musicians that they like. So if you come into that world from a different profession, it's oftentimes greeted with folded arms and a scowl."

In fact, Seth claimed it's much easier to move from music into acting rather than going in the opposite direction.

He pointed to rapper-turned-actor Will Smith as someone whose career path supports his point.

The 44-year-old star told Billboard: "For that reason, you see a lot of people, like Will Smith, who've gone from music to acting and been very successful at it. And the other way around, I can't think of one person. I mean, it's a very, very hard thing."

Seth has enjoyed incredible success through his cartoon creations 'Family Guy', 'American Dad!' and 'The Cleveland Show' - but he previously admitted he didn't wish to restrict himself to one genre of entertainment.

The Emmy-winning star revealed he was keen to try his hand at different things, "no matter what it may be".

He shared: "I'm somebody who would be pretty restless if I confined myself to one discipline."

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