Panopticon's Puss in Boots is a fun, boisterous affair (3 stars)

Panopticon's Puss in Boots is a fun, boisterous affair

Naughty cabaret plays with the panto formula

If the thought of an 'adult' panto is enough to send everyone scarpering, banish all thoughts of Jim Davidson: this is a far less mean-spirited affair. The late-night version of writer, director and star Grant F Kidd's Puss In Boots is certainly a bawdy and anarchic cabaret, always on the brink of collapse – but that's all part of the charm. Even the housekeeping at the outset is potty-mouthed.

Kidd, who plays Queen Euphemia with splits, sashays and sass, is a matriarch not to be messed with. He's an inspired comic foil as the rival of nefarious Demon Moonshade (a sprightly vision in purple, Sally Starshine). Can our hero, cheeky Tom (Anthony Johansen) rid the town of Panoptica of the deadly giant and turn Kitty Cat, superbly played by Liliana Finucane, back into a young woman?

The cast are game, bringing satire to the 'slap my thigh' tropes, and there is much in the way of Glasgow patter, while constantly drawing attention to the limitations of the staging. As the air turns blue, there's much warmth here, despite this being a fundraiser to heat up the oldest surviving music hall in the world. A great cause, and a fun, boisterous affair for older audiences.

Britannia Panopticon, Trongate, Glasgow, until Sat 23 Dec.

Panto-Opticon: Puss In Boots

Traditional panto following last year's production, Aladdin, which resurrected the tradition for the first time since the Panopticon's closure in 1938.

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