Russell Brand's heroin admission

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  • 5 July 2008
Russell Brand

Russell Brand's heroin admission

Russell Brand says he misses heroin.

The comedian had a much-publicised addiction problem in 2002 which resulted in him getting sacked from his presenting job at MTV, but says he still misses the feeling the drug gave him.

He said: "I miss heroin, being able to turn my head off and everything being far away and irrelevant. I miss that very much. But it's too high a price to pay."

Russell - who admits he was "not very nice" while under the influence of the drug - is now totally clean after wanting to make his mother happy.

He added: "I don't drink or take drugs. It was five years on December 13. One day at a time. That's my position, currently.

"I think I'm happier. My mum's happier. I thought that would be justification enough."

Russell - who has rapidly gained a reputation as a ladies' man - also claims he is tired of talking about sex.

He added to Q magazine: "I read something today where I was talking about sex addiction and I got bored of reading about myself talking about sex."

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