Jennifer "not nervous"

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Jennifer claims she isn't "nervous at all" about tonight's eviction. The part-time model - who is facing the public vote alongside chef Rex - says she never suffers from nerves, adding she was completely calm when she got married.

Talking about the threat of eviction, she said: "I'm apprehensive and excited, but nervous isn't really the right word."

She then told Stuart she felt exactly the same when she got married, saying: "I was like, yeah, whatever."

Meanwhile, Rex told Mario he has had a "good experience" in the house but feels ready to go home.

He also said he hopes his girlfriend will be waiting for him, but is worried she won't be.

Bringing up former housemate Stephanie who Rex was very close to, tactful Mario asked: "Don't you think you've blown it? With Steph?"

Mario then tried to made amends by saying that no matter who leaves the house tonight there won't be any "massive boos".

Rex disagreed, saying: "It'll be a boo-fest tonight."

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