Darnell's win prediction

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Darnell is adamant Mario and Lisa will win 'Big Brother'. The albino housemate - who told Luke he thought Mario and Lisa have a game plan earlier today - told Rex he believes the couple will eventually triumph on the show and admitted he thinks he has nominated the wrong people in the house.

During the conversation in the basic bedroom this afternoon (2.59pm), Darnell said: "I think we're screwed and I think Mario and Lisa have it in the bag."

He also admitted regretting some of his previous nominations.

He claimed the people who have left the house would never have nominated him, whereas those who are left probably would.

Darnell also complained the show has been about "the couple thing" from the beginning, because Lisa and Mario were given the first task - to pretend they were not a couple and Mario was in a relationship with ex-housemate Stephanie - in the house.

Agreeing with Darnell, Rex said Mario and Lisa treat Mikey like "their puppet".

He claimed the couple "voice their opinions" to blind Mikey and wait for him to go and pass them on to other housemates because they know no-one will answer Mikey back.

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