Moaning Mario and Luke

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Mario and Luke bitched about Darnell this afternoon (2.09pm). The moaning twosome claimed Darnell continually discusses nominations and discussed how unfair it was that the albino housemate has not been sent to the Big Brother Jail.

Sneaky Luke also told Mario about an earlier conversation in which Darnell admitted he was wary of Mario and Lisa.

Luke said: "He doesn't want to be on your hit list. He thinks Mikey's in your little circle. He's obsessed with nominations, he's petrified."

The suit-loving student claimed nominations are "all Darnell talks about" and said it was unfair he had not been reprimanded when others, who had said less, were jailed.

He said: "To name names, Mario, it's getting a bit much now."

A fuming Mario replied: "I'm not having it, mate. Not having it."

Luke responded: "The guy's terrified he's not going to collect his £100,000 cheque. That's all he's bothered about."

The pair then agreed Darnell will probably be sent to jail tomorrow.

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