Noel Gallagher's knife rant

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  • 4 July 2008
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher's knife rant

Noel Gallagher claims "knife-wielding scum bags" are taking over Britain.

The Oasis rocker says he is worried about the state of the nation - but doesn't want to say too much for fear of a violent reaction.

Speaking at the Silver Clef awards in London, the guitarist told BANG Showbiz today (04.07.08): "It's a pity that the scum bags have taken over the street. It's horrible and it's not just in London.

"Me and my missus talk about it at night, how our kids are going to grow up and it sucks, but I don't know what you can do.

"In my day, status was about trying to be someone, not trying to kill someone.

"But I'd better not say anything else because I might offend people with knives and they might stab me."

The 'Don't Look Back in Anger' hitmaker lays the blame for society's problems at the feet of a former Prime Minister.

He ranted: "It goes back to the Thatcher years and it's kind of a cliché to say it, but that's where the rot set in.

"We're in the third generation of poverty in this country, kids' parents, their grandparents were put on the dole by Margaret Thatcher, they've grown up in poverty so just think of the next generation - they'll be proper f**king scum bags.

"I don't know what David Cameron or Gordon Brown plan to do about it."

Noel theorised on whether violent computer games also play a part in street violence, speculating: "People say that it's violent video games, I guess that's got something to do with it, but you know, kids are sitting up all night smoking super-skunk and become so desensitised to violence when they're playing video games, it's really, really scary."

Oasis received the O2 Silver Clef Award for their contribution to the music industry at the ceremony at London's Park Lane Hilton hotel.

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