Darnell "scared" of Mario

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Darnell says Mario "scares" him (11.27am). Albino Darnell also admitted he thinks muscle man Mario and his girlfriend Lisa are playing a game in the 'Big Brother' house and does not think they can be trusted.

Chatting to Luke, Darnell added he disliked the way the couple always know exactly what is going on the house and manage to get their own way all the time.

Luke commented: "They are a powerful couple in here."

Earlier, Luke spoke to Jennifer - who is up for eviction along with Rex this week - about the possibility of her going home.

Jennifer - who has previously admitted she hates knowing some of her housemates voted for her and want her to leave- told Luke she is worried about how her relationship with Dale will be perceived.

Luke tried to comfort her by explaining how quickly people's feeling change in the house.

He said: ""Look at Mario. He was blacklisted after the first week, and now everybody loves him."

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