Aladdin is wry and highly inventive (3 stars)

Aladdin is wry and highly inventive

Zippy Perth Theatre opening production

Perth Theatre's production of Aladdin, written by Joel Horwood and adapted by Frances Poet, gives a cartoonish coming of age theme to the family favourite.

With the double act of brothers Aladdin and Wishy Washy (Gavin Jon Wright and Tyler Collins, both sweet and Puckish) augmented by Jasmine the princess with attitude (Nicole Sawyerr, fabulous) it barely pauses for breath. Lu Kemp's direction is pop culture savvy, but with enough of a nod to traditional banter, storytelling, and local gags.

A day-glo aesthetic is personified by Barrie Hunter, a tad too restrained here in spite of Ana Ines Jabares-Pita's jaw-dropping garish numbers, including a dress consisting of massive soapy bubbles.

It's not the Keith Flint lookalike Abanezer who most impresses here (Christina Strachan is far too cheeky by half as a villain) – rather, the surreal shenanigans of Wendy Seager's Genie,who vacillates between genders: a Vegas-era Elvis and Perth matriarch. She's a scream.

And even though there's a slightly slow start,and a fire alarm tries to get in on the act shortly before the end, it's a wry, highly inventive pop art pantomime,where the girl's path to emotional awareness is just as important as the boy's.

Reviewed at Perth Theatre.


Aladdin, Jasmine and Dame Barrie Hunter are out to stop break-dancing baddie Abanazer in Perth's family panto.