Kat's makeover

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Lisa gave Kathreya a makeover today (11.00am). The former bodybuilder - who has spent much of the last two days complaining about Kat - decided to give the Thai masseuse a new image using hair extensions.

Although Lisa was worried the final result might not be very good because the extensions didn't match Kat's hair, the jolly Thai masseuse was thrilled with the results.

Looking at her long, flowing locks she squealed: "Wow, I quite like it!"

Playful Kat then decided to test the other housemates by wandering around and seeing how long it took them to notice her new look.

Rex noticed immediately and claimed Kat looked "strange".

He said: "You look like a different person."

Rex then joked Mohamed would wonder "how your hair grew so fast" when he saw her.

Meanwhile, Mario also decided to spruce up his appearance.

As he sprayed gel into his hair and began parting it his girlfriend Lisa gave him her opinion on his new style.

She said: "You look dead old-fashioned. You could be an old-fashioned movie star."

Mario replied: "Like Victor Mature?"

Lisa clarified: "You don't look as fit as that. You just look old-fashioned."

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