Gossiping Jennifer

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  • 4 July 2008


Jennifer gossiped about Stuart this morning (10.52am). In a conversation with Dale and Luke, the part-time model - who is facing the public vote along with Rex this week - claimed Stuart had admitted feeling jealous about the close bond she shares with Dale.

She said: "He was talking about the bonds between me and you, and Bex and Luke, and he wants that."

Dale replied: "Argh, for God's sake!"

Suit-loving Luke was equally unimpressed and claimed Stuart was clever about the things he said in the house.

Last night, Stuart tried to explain to Jennifer why he sometimes feels isolated.

He said: "You and Dale are joined at the hip and that's a top thing. That's dead, dead good, but it's why I want a new housemate. It's the only thing that would make my experience better, or more worthwhile."

Jennifer told Stuart he is struggling to make strong connections in the house because he always distances himself from the others.

Stuart admitted finding it hard to speak to Jennifer even though they have a lot in common because of her closeness to Dale.

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