Rebecca's removal fear

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 July 2008


Rebecca feared she would be removed from the Big Brother house last night.

Exhibitionist Bex became so angry while she was in jail - where she had been forced to stay all day as a punishment for discussing nominations - she smashed a mirror, but quickly regretted being so violent.

Furious at being locked up all day, Bex began shaking the bars of the prison and shouting: "You can't do this Big Brother! This is torture! Let me go!"

Luke eventually went to visit Bex to see why she was making so much noise and she admitted she had broken the mirror, although she claimed it was an accident.

She begged Luke to ask Big Brother if she would be removed for being aggressive.

Instead, Luke decided to read the chapter on vandalism in the rule book.

After scanning the pages, he said: "They may not perceive it as serious damage."

Inside the house, Lisa was shocked at Bex' behaviour, saying: "I can't believe she has done that. She pushes the boundaries, doesn't she?"

Later, Big Brother called Bex to the Diary Room and informed her she was free to leave jail.

Her fellow housemates were amazed, with Rex saying: "They let you go because you smashed the mirror?"

An embarrassed Bex explained to Lisa: "I'm really not used to people telling me what to do."

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