Mario's Kat moan

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 July 2008


Mario and Lisa bitched about Kathreya this afternoon (2.46pm). During a conversation which lasted nearly one hour, the couple discussed bubbly Kat's emotional state and agreed she needs to toughen up if she wants to last in the Big Brother house.

Mario and Lisa were particularly scathing about the amount Kat cries, with Lisa calling Kat's behaviour "ridiculous" and Mario saying it was "laughable".

Voicing his opinion that Kat is not being herself, Mario said: "The charade can only go on for so long."

Lisa agreed, saying: "She's a belting lass, I love her to bits. It's this crying, there's something not right with those emotions."

Mario then suggested there was something "fundamentally not right" with Kat, adding he would ask her to have counselling if he employed her.

Lisa suggested Kat's tears never seemed heartfelt.

Clearly warming to the topic, Mario said: "She can't go getting upset at the drop of a hat otherwise she's potentially unstable. She's either not cut out for 'Big Brother' or she needs help. It's laughable that the third eldest person in the house is behaving like that."

Beefy Mario even claimed Kat lies about how well she can speak English, saying: "All this: 'I learnt a new word today!' Man! Come on!"

He also claimed Kat made up her fascination with cookies, bitchily adding: "The only reason she likes Rex is because he makes her cookies."

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