Bored Rex

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 July 2008


Rex says there is no-one to have a decent conversation with in the Big Brother house. Chef Rex - who has been nominated for eviction along with Jennifer this week - went to the Diary Room this afternoon to moan about how dull he finds his fellow housemates.

He said: "I don't get on with anyone enough to have an in-depth conversation about anything. No-one shares the same interests. There's not really any good conversation to be had.

"I think the mix of housemates in here just want to argue with each other. Honestly, none of them have anything to say to one another. It's generally quite dull."

He also said he was excited about tomorrow's eviction, which was making time pass even slower.

Big Brother asked the moaning contestant whether his housemates were aware he did not find them stimulating.

He replied: "No. Do you want me to go and tell them?"

Hastily changing the topic, Big Brother asked Rex how he was planning on spending the rest of the day.

He replied: "I could count the fluff balls on the floor, count the grains of rice, measure the water in the pool, count the stripes on the deck chairs. Maybe have a drink later."

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