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  • 3 July 2008


Rachel and Kathreya discussed some of the 'Big Brother' housemates today (1.48pm). Emotional Kat was concerned she had angered some of the others by crying too much - last night Lisa and Mario advised her to try to control her emotions - but also said she was finding it hard to get along with everyone, especially Jennifer and Rebecca.

Attempting to comfort her friend, Rachel suggested she tried to remember positive times in the house.

Rachel said: "Remember the lively, innocent Bex we saw in the first week, there is a nice side to Bex and Jen, although yes, there is a negative side to them."

She admitted Bex could be "abrupt" but also suggested she had "got lost" in the house.

Although Kat agreed with some of Rachel's comments, she also said there "certain people" it was not worth trying to get along with.

Later (1.59pm), Darnell also chatted to Kat about her emotional state.

He told Kat not to get upset by other people because it was "not worth it" and suggested it only made her look weak.

He said Kat should accept Bex has a right to get cross with people, saying: "It doesn't mean that she's right, it means that she has a right."

He also admitted he "shot himself in the foot" by getting angry on Mohamed's behalf last week - after ex-housemate Dennis spat in his face - and suggested Kat was doing the same thing by crying all the time.

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