Ten of the best subscriptions to gift this Christmas

Ten of the best subscriptions to give as gifts this Christmas

Because everyone knows, the best gift is the one that keeps giving

The time of year has come once again. Christmas is fast approaching and mums, dads, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, nephews, nieces, colleagues, the dog, the cat, Cyril the taxidermy squirrel, and everybody else you know are all expecting presents. Expecting thoughtful presents too, that take their interests into account, not just last-minute cop outs. If you get it wrong, they will judge you and hold it against you – especially Cyril, he's still upset you tried to pass off those Pringles as a gift in 2015. Not your finest moment. You really need to make it up to him this year.

You don't even need to leave the house to get a thoughtful present, and these days just about everything comes as a subscription. We've put together a list of ten subscription gifts you should look at this Christmas.

Beer 52
The UK's biggest craft beer club, devoted to finding the most adventurous, flavoursome beverages on the planet. Each box comes with 8 beers, some snacks to accompany them, and a copy of Beer52's Ferment magazine, which features features and interviews on all things beer.
Use the code 'List2' to get a free £10 voucher for Beer52.

There's nothing like the smell of the seaside, and Fishbox's unique offering can bring some of that freshness to your door. A box of sustainable seafood, sealed and kept cold using some seriously sophisticated technology. A box comes with smoked fish, shellfish or oily fish, depending on your preferences, and some recipe suggestions too.
Get a free £20 voucher for Fishbox using the code FISHLIST and the password ASF76TLB.

Hotel Chocolat
Everyone loves chocolate, sure, but especially when they're handcrafted artisan beauties, created by expert chocolatiers with names like Raspberry Pannacotta, Dark Feuilletine Baton, Supermilk Caesar, and Pecan Praline. Hotel Chocolat will send a box of specially chosen chocolates, with some recipes to go along with it, every month. The perfect gift for that chocolate crazy person in your life.
Get £13 off your first Hotel Chocolat tasting box with a free gift.

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Flying Vinyl
Vinyl sales are at a 25 year high, the physical revolution is well and truly on. Flying Vinyl will, for £20 a month, send you 5 exclusive 7" records, 1 artist information booklet, and other extra merchandise and exclusive treats. Recently they've sent out tracks by the likes of Alvvays, Marika Hackman, Honeyblood and Hooton Tennis Club.

Their products aren't being modelled by footballers, but that's about the only thing Cornerstone don't have going for them. Maybe that's part of the appeal though, a no gimmicks approach towards shaving that's winning more and more men over every day. A subscription to Cornerstone includes an engraved razor, blades and a range of skincare products for exfoliating and moisturising that as well as smelling incredible, turn grooming into a fun ritual.
Get £10 off your first Cornerstone box.

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Films like Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk and IT were best enjoyed on the big screen, popcorn in hand, Slush Puppie slotted into the drink holder. If there's someone you love that goes out to the pictures even twice a month, a Cineworld card could be the perfect gift for them – they'll never miss a film again.
Get a Cineworld unlimited card for just £17.90 a month.

Freddie's Flowers
Nothing makes a home feel special like a well displayed array of fresh flowers. If there's someone you know who never fails to be thrilled by a new bouquet, Freddie's Flowers can send them a beautiful selection straight to their door every week – and he will even include arrangement tips so you get the best from your bunch.
Get your first box free from Freddie's Flowers when you use the code 'FREDLIST'.

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Flavourly gin
The juniper based spirit is more popular than ever and there's no indication it's going to let up anytime soon. Small batch distilleries are popping up all over the country, making unique products full of flavour and character. Flavourly gin club brings you 3 x 200ml gins each month, plus mixers and a snack, so you'll never run out of new drinks to sample. That's you sorted, mum.
Get £16 off your first Flavourly gin club order when you use the code 'List16'.

Pact coffee
Drinking coffee has been scientifically proven to be good for you. For some, they just don't function without it However you like your coffee, Pact Coffee can fix it for you, and it'll be sourced ethically, with the farmers getting more than Fairtrade price for their product. Choose your plan, choose how you like your coffee and get it delivered hassle free.

Willoughby Book Club
Whether you're looking for something for a more mature reader looking to get through some classics, a young adult, a toddler, or even someone with a specific interest like gardening, cooking or history, the Willoughby Book Club can sort you out for gifts this Christmas. Their carefully selected subscriptions can be ordered in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month doses, so you can keep a bookworm happy, or perhaps spark the fire that creates a new one.

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