Rebecca jailed

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 July 2008


Rebecca was sent to the Big Brother jail this morning (10.25am). Exhibitionist Bex was imprisoned for talking about nominations and thinks she will have to spend the whole day languishing behind bars.

Muscle man Mario was quick to criticise Bex when he heard she had admitted trying to influence other people.

He became particularly angry when he realised Bex tried to convince people to vote for Rex, who is facing the public vote alongside Jennifer this week.

Mario said: "It's not nice is it?"

However, Luke and Jennifer were more sympathetic towards their friend.

Luke commented Rex "has no shame" when he saw the chef was smoking in front of Rebecca, who is not allowed a cigarette while she is in prison.

Jennifer said she was upset because it could be her last day in the house and she wanted to spend it with Bex and Luke added he hoped she wouldn't be in jail all day.

Referring to last night's antics which saw him share a bed with Bex, he said: "Part of me hopes she stays in there so she doesn't have to sleep in my bed. That's only 10 per cent. 90 per cent wants her out. Well, 80 per cent."

Rachel suggested Big Brother might start taking a tougher stance on people discussing nominations, saying: "Some people just don't listen."

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