Actress Kat?

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  • 3 July 2008


Lisa and Mario think Kat is an actress. The amorous 'Big Brother' couple were discussing Kat this morning (10.23am) when Lisa let slip Kat had admitted having a background in acting.

Mario immediately said he was going to ask her about it, with Lisa commenting it could be why the Thai masseuse is always crying.

Last night the housemates become so annoyed with Kat's constant tears they decided to confront her.

Bubbly Kat - whose sensitive nature and constant pleas for a "happy house" has angered many 'Big Brother' contestants lately - began to cry when a row broke out between Rex and Rebecca and retreated to the Diary Room.

Lisa said: "Bex feels guilty now for upsetting Kat. It's got to stop. Every time there's banter or raised voices she starts to cry. We need to tell her we can't live with it."

Beefy Mario was quick to agree, saying: "She's 30, for God's sake. She's not a kid."

Lisa added: "If someone shouts: 'Kat is a n*b' in the street, what is she going to do?"

Emerging from her chat with Big Brother, Kat said: "Maybe it's because I've never worked full-time and all I do is live with my partner but I just can't cope with certain situations."

Lisa replied: "It's just upsetting to see you so upset, you've got to try to control it."

Mario added: "You've got to understand, Kat, that it is a game. You've got to get that into your head. It's going to be up and down and it will affect everyone."

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1. watch4 Jul 2008, 10:09am Report

watching kat reminds me alot of other east asian women trying to to survive in the relatively darker, tougher, ruder, more individual thinking not caring too much about others UK.
happens so much.

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