Luke's "hippo" comment

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  • 3 July 2008


Luke called Rebecca a "hippo" last night and claimed he would need "Viagra" to sleep with her. The skinny student made the comments when Bex asked if she could share his bed because hers smelt of fish brine after she slept in it while wearing her Big Brother Zoo task animal costume.

Luke said: "You repulse me Rebecca. I'd need a Viagra to be able to go to bed with you."

He then compared the nursery nurse to a hippo.

Bex responded by saying Luke had the "body and the personality of a 12-year-old".

Seemingly unphased by the comment, Luke replied: "Some boys fight with words not fists."

Although there was a brief period of calm when the pair had a cuddle in bed, Luke and Bex were soon at war again when Bex claimed she would rather sleep with comedian Peter Kay than Luke.

Luke responded: "I don't want to sleep with someone who will touch me in the night."

Prompting Bex to reply: "I'd rather rip my own eyes out than touch you in a sexual manner."

After Bex eventually climbed into her pongy bed, guilt-ridden Luke relented and asked her to come and share with him.

Bex refused, saying she was upset because he called her a hippo.

Luke explained: "I meant hippopotamus in terms of the cute happy hippo things not an actual hippo. Anyway, you called me a 12-year-old boy."

The bickering continued, with Bex grabbing Luke's bottom.

He asked her what she thought of his rear and she replied it was "amazing".

Luke said: "My political career is over."

Bex replied: "You? My social life is over. Your social life has gone up sleeping with me, your mates will think: 'Check those out.' But mine has plummeted."

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