Oscar Isaac teases Last Jedi storyline

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  • 21 November 2017
Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac has teased his 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' alter ego Poe Dameron doesn't trust newcomer Laura Dern's Admiral Holdo

Oscar Isaac has revealed his character Poe Dameron in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' doesn't trust Admiral Holdo.

The 38-year-old actor is reprising his role as the Resistance fighter in the eighth instalment of the sci-fi franchise alongside newcomer Laura Dern as Admiral Holdo - who has temporarily taken over the Resistance - but Isaac has teased the two characters don't see eye-to-eye.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Isaac said: "It's definitely appropriate that they've paired us because a lot of the friction and conflict comes between Poe and that relationship with Admiral Holdo, who is this person that's been - at least temporarily - put in charge of the Resistance. She doesn't particularly look like your typical military leader, and so I think there's a bit of distrust for Poe.

"He's not sure what to make of her, and then the way she speaks, the things she says."

Isaac also teased Poe is "trying to wrap his mind around" thinking about the "bigger picture" when it comes to strategic plans and doesn't agree with Holdo's view on the Resistance.

He said: "Even if something seems like it's not the most heroic thing to do in the moment, thinking about the bigger picture is sometimes more important. That's something he's trying to wrap his mind around, but at the same time, with the Resistance being in such a precarious situation, he wants to do the right thing, and doesn't want to just wait and let things happen. He doesn't necessarily agree with the way Holdo sees the role of the Resistance in this particular moment."

'The Last Jedi' is set to feature a number of returning cast members, including 'Star Wars' legend Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), John Boyega (Finn), Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Lupita Nyong'o (Maz Kanata), Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Andy Serkis (Snoke), Domhnall Gleeson (General Lux) and the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia.

The film is set to be released this December.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • 4 stars
  • 2017
  • US
  • 2h 32min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Rian Johnson
  • Cast: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis, Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran
  • UK release: 14 December 2017

Rey (Ridley) meets Luke (Hamill) to learn all about the Force. Johnson expands on the casualties-of-war theme, making magnificent, roaring action sequences and leading the viewer through a blood-stained moral labyrinth. Driver returns with a vengeance, Dern is terrific and it hits the sweet spot between nostalgia and…

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