Rita Ora 'desperate for validation'

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  • 19 November 2017
Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora has confessed she has channeled her "desperation for validation" into her new music

Rita Ora was "desperate for validation" with her new music.

The 'Anywhere' hitmaker has confessed she wanted more validation with her new album and says the style of her songs documents that most clearly.

She said: "I think with this album, what makes a Rita Ora song is that it's got that desperation for validation - do you know what I mean? You can feel it in songs like 'Anywhere' and 'Lonely Together', which I think represent my album so well. It's all kind of guitar-based and I think people didn't expect that. Anywhere almost sounds like a country record before you get this, like, EDM drop."

Rita recently moved to Atlantic's record label after going her separate ways from JAY-Z's Roc Nation label.

Speaking to Noisey.com, she added: "You know, I couldn't be putting music out, and I had these offers coming over to me, so why wouldn't I take them? What else would I have done? I was like, 'I'm just gonna be in your faces all the time until you realise what the hell you've done.' It worked!"

Meanwhile, Rita previously revealed her new album has been inspired by her ex-boyfriends.

She said: "The album is inspired by a few. There are little spurts of inspiration from conversations I've had with exes or boyfriends at the time. It's like a new chapter because, to be honest, everything with my music was way more impactful for me than any relationship. There was that pure frustration and passion that's really the core of this record."

Rita has given her pal Ed Sheeran, who wrote one of the tunes on the record, 'You Song', a sneak preview of the LP and he is a big fan of it.

She added: "I have a huge girl anthem with some incredible females on there. I haven't told anybody what yet but this rap feature is so exciting for me because I love this person. This song that I'm really excited about, Ed Sheeran loves as well. I've played loads to Ed. I really trust his opinion."

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