Saucy Jennifer and Dale

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 July 2008


Jennifer and Dale shared a bed last night.

The pair snuggled up in the 'Big Brother' luxury bedroom and started whispering, causing some of the other housemates to start gossiping.

Politics student Luke was particularly keen to discuss the new development between Jennifer and Dale and commented there might be "tent action" from that end of the room.

Earlier, the flirty couple discussed sex and naughty banter.

Dale - who has previously admitted he finds Jennifer attractive - said: "I'm not a fan of dirty talking, to be honest."

Jennifer agreed, saying: "I had it once whispered in my ear and I stopped and just said: 'What the hell have you just said to me?' "

Dale added he didn't like the idea of saying rude things to someone and then 20 minutes later making them a cup of tea and discussing something totally different, like shopping.

He said: "I like to steer away from the whole thing."

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