Banana Oil – The B.O.'s (3 stars)

Banana Oil – The B.O.'s

Jazz fusion from the Glasgow underground: who'd have thunk it? The trio of Joe Howe (Ben Butler & Mousepad) on sax, Niall Morris (Sham Gate) on electric bass, and Laurie Pitt (Golden Teacher, The Modern Institute) on drums, aim to 'sound like Mothers of Invention without all the toxic masculinity.' From Zappa's sexist ruins, Banana Oil salvage a wiggy tunefulness and playful sense of structure, channelling it all through the no wave jazz of James Chance and The Lounge Lizards.

Viewed from another angle, the group offer a scrappier take on the contemporary jazz of Shabaka Hutchings and Polar Bear, taking their knotty unison themes and propulsive grooves into the garage. 'Kiss from a Seal' is more than just a good pun: Morris's squelchy bass really does sound like someone locking lips with a pinniped, and the piece is a winning combination of melody, skronk and groove.

Out now on Winning Sperm Party.

Banana Oil

Jazz/Industrial fusion band.

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