James McAvoy's toilet anger

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  • 3 July 2008
James McAvoy

James McAvoy's toilet anger

James McAvoy hates it when fans interrupt him when he is using the toilet.

The 'Wanted' star is often approached by men in public conveniences who attempt to talk to him or shake his hand while he's relieving himself.

He said: "People are never nasty to me, but I do find it disconcerting when you're urinating and the guy next to you goes, 'Hey man, love the movie', and I'm like, 'Er...Thanks.'

"It's even worse when they try to shake your hand. I'm like, 'Wash your hand, it's just been on your d**k."

James is not the only star to have trouble with fans in the bathroom.

Colin Firth recently revealed a fan tried to take a picture of his penis when he was using the toilet.

The actor was standing at a urinal during a break from watching a show in New York when he noticed a camera pointing at his genitals.

He said he made a pathetic attempt to shove the camera away, adding: "It's hard to do when you're not entirely in your pants."

Kanye West also revealed how a drunken fan slapped him on the back while he was urinating.

He said: "I was in a club taking a p**s and this guy was making comments like, 'Mr East!' just drunk and acting stupid, and he slaps me on the back to get my attention. And I told him, 'Look, I don't feel comfortable holding my d**k with another man's hand on me. Unless you want me to turn around in the middle of this...'"

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