Animals celebrate win

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  • 2 July 2008

Housemates celebrated their third win

Housemates have passed their third consecutive shopping task.

Fears the contestants had incurred too many fails during the zoo task - in which they had to dress up as animals and complete various activities - dissolved after Big Brother announced their victory (3.55pm).

Everyone in the house jumped for joy at the news - except for Rex, who was grumpy after Mohamed spilled coffee on his hat during the celebrations.

The results were:

Kat and Rachel (the llamas) - no fails.

Lisa and Stuart (the flamingoes) - no fails.

Mikey and Luke (the elephants) - one fail.

Dale and Rex (the kangaroos) - no fails.

Mario, Jen and Bex (the seals) - no fails.

Mo and Darnell (the rabbits) - two fails.

Housemates incurred two fails in the dancing task where they had to dance to Guns N' Roses track 'Welcome To The Jungle'.

The group has once again won a luxury shopping budget.

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