Lisa's Jen rant

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  • 2 July 2008

Lisa wants Jennifer out

Lisa has made it clear she wants Jennifer to be evicted on Friday (04.07.08).

The former bodybuilder told hunky boyfriend Mario this afternoon (3.20pm) how she felt about the whiny model, who faces the public vote along with professional chef Rex.

She said: "Jen is constantly seeking attention like a naughty child and it can get really wearing."

The northerner also revealed how important she thought it was to have Rex in the house, saying she has never had a problem with him.

She said: "I'll miss Rex if he goes. He's been in many ways a godsend because of his cooking. He's said nothing offensive to me and he keeps his cool.

"I think we're honoured to have someone who runs an exclusive restaurant."

Mario said the house will finally be able to find out who was really to blame for the escalating argument last week, which led to Dennis being kicked out for spitting in Mohamed's face.

He said: "The eviction will prove, from the public's point of view, whether Jenny milked it or Rex's apology was sufficient. I don't know, but the public will."

Lisa also pointed out to Mario how many girls had left the house since the first day.

She said: "The girls are dropping like... like..."

"10 pins? Nine pins? Six pins!?" Mario offered.

"...flies." Lisa finally managed.

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