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  • 2 July 2008

Rex is unsure if he passed

Rex and Dale completed their boxing challenge this afternoon (2.30pm).

The pair - who are dressed as kangaroos for the 'Big Brother Zoo' shopping task - were told to punch a strength measuring device earlier in the afternoon (12.55pm) but were not told what else they would have to do.

Unsure whether they should punch hard or not, the boys opted to hit at medium strength.

Dale went first and notched up a score of 686.

Mario commented: "That's alright dude."

Chef Rex managed to score 647, but the pair immediately began to worry they were going to have to improve their scores to complete their challenge.

Later (1.19pm), Big Brother told the boys they had to better their score by 10 per cent in order to pass.

A shocked Rex exclaimed: "Oh my God."

Rex - who previously boasted he has received professional boxing training - then began moaning about the boxing equipment Big Brother had provided, calling the gloves "proper cheap".

He said: "Too much padding in them. They haven't been worn in either. I don't think we'll pass the kangaroo part."

Meanwhile, elephants Luke and Mikey - who had to recite part of Rudyard Kipling's 'The Elephant's Child' - think they have failed their task.

They were only permitted six mistakes, but made 142 during their practice last night.

Chatting to Lisa (2.15pm), Luke said: "Mikey said he changed it into his own story which is a tad worrying."

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