Rebecca's fishy tale

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  • 2 July 2008

Rebecca covered the Diary Room in fishy water this afternoon (12.10pm).

Busty Bex decided to stage a protest at the 'Big Brother Zoo' shopping task - which sees her and Jennifer being doused in fishy, salty water while dressed as seals - and so rolled around the Diary Room in her whiffy costume.

Bex and Jennifer were called to the room to replace their microphones, but while she was there Bex decided to have some fun.

After making an obscene gesture at the camera, she sat in the chair - still wearing her costume - and rubbed her fishy bottom all over it.

She then lay on her back and rubbed her stinky legs across the chair, before sitting on each if its arms.

As they left the room, cheeky Jennifer shouted: "Enjoy the tuna!"

However, Bex's prank backfired when she was called back to the Diary Room 15 minutes later and found some cleaning wipes waiting for her.

Big Brother said: "When you last came into the Diary Room, you soiled the chair. Can you clean it immediately."

Bex replied: "This is the biggest monstrosity ever! I can't believe you're making me do this!"

When she eventually said she had finished cleaning, Big Brother responded: "Big Brother does not think you're finished Rebecca."

After calling Big Brother a "beast" Bex continued scrubbing, before claiming the task was complete again.

Obviously determined not to let Bex get off lightly, Big Brother replied: "Rebecca, you need to clean the arms of the chair more thoroughly. You've missed a bit on the left-hand side."

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