Creative Cultures have arts in North East in mind

  • 2 July 2008
Peacock Visual Arts

Proposed Peacock Visual Arts building

The arts in The North East should have no trouble displacing headlines concerning local difficulties and the price of oil given the current crop of news.

The gathering at The Peacock Visual Arts centre in Aberdeen last night was organised by Creative Cultures, who, true to their remit, brought together a broad spectrum of disciplines including photographers, writers, sculptors, actors and arts professionals. Creative Cultures' Philip Thompson ably orchestrated the evening from introductions and presentations on to the serious business of conversation over drinks.

His Majesty’s Theatre have now committed to putting on their own productions in addition to accepting touring companies. Their debut will be in early September with an adaption of Sunset Song - the Lewis Grassic Gibbon classic novel.

Elie Rothnie of The Peacock Visual Arts centre described her role in the completion of funding for their new home. With planning permission granted for this new building and £9m already pledged out of the £13m needed, success seems to be within their grasp. The new building is designed by Brisac Gonzalez, who has completed museums and cultural spaces across Europe including the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. The mission for the new centre ranges from provision of production spaces and workshops to use as a gathering place in a manner similar to the DCA in Dundee.

Others activities discusses included those to stimulate local writing for performance (the aptly named Writers and Actors Community Theatre, Bernie Ross from Artspur on support for writers, and David Gibbons-Wood from Aberdeen Business School on their work with arts organisations.

The sculptor Keith Mellard, who has worked from his city workshop in Aberdeen for 20 years, summarised the mood when he said he "wanted and needed to gather, mix and to hear the news."

Judging by last night's gathering there seems plenty of it.

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