Llama problems

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  • 2 July 2008


Rachel and Kathreya are struggling with their llama costume. The pair - who are dressed in a two-headed llama outfit for this week's Big Brother Zoo shopping task - found sleeping particularly tricky, with Rachel worrying she got a little too friendly with Kat in the night.

The Welsh beauty asked: "Did I wake you up and cuddle you last night? I'm sure I did. I do apologise!"

Bubbly Kat assured her it hadn't been a problem.

Later (11.15am), as Rex watched them making slow progress around the house he teased them saying they "still haven't got the hang" of the outfit.

He laughed: "You're the slowest llama I've ever seen."

Cheeky Darnell - who is dressed as a rabbit for the challenge and must complete a carrot-eating task - then joined in the banter by tapping Kat with a carrot.

Kat warned: "You don't know who you're messing with, Darnell!"

Springing to her friend's defence, Rachel threatened to elbow him in the stomach and told him he was "cruising for a brusing".

Darnell said: "No, you don't have the gumption."

However, Kat and Rachel managed to prove him wrong by chasing him around the garden while Rex looked on and laughed.

Rachel joked: "Don't mess with the llamas."

Obviously more enamoured with Lisa's flamingo outfit Thai massage therapist Kat later complimented the former body builder, saying her "bum bum" looked "cute" in the attire.

Lisa replied every girl should have a flamingo costume.

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