Stuart's task worries

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 July 2008


Stuart is worried the housemates will fail this week's shopping task. In a discussion with Mario this morning (9.34am), Stuart - who is dressed as a flamingo for the Big Brother Zoo challenge and has already passed his part of it - complained some of the other housemates had already made mistakes.

He claimed Mohamed wasn't wearing his costume for part of the previous evening, which breaks the task's rules.

Sensing the chance to join in with a gossip session, Luke told the pair Darnell - who must wear a rabbit costume and complete a carrot-eating test - had already messed up his assignment.

Luke explained Darnell had eaten 12 carrots in one hour yesterday, but was only supposed to nibble on a carrot every 15 minutes.

The suit-loving student also said he doubts he will be able to memorise the poem he has to learn for his elephant task.

Later, the pair noticed the boxing equipment for Dale and Rex's kangaroo challenge had been set up.

Luke commented Rex had previously boasted he was "trained by a professional boxer" so should be able to pass the test.

Keen to ensure the group win a luxury shopping budget, Stuart went to tell Rex and Dale the pressure was on for them to pass their task.

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