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  • 3 July 2008
Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

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Biffy Clyro’s James Johnston recommends his top T in the Park picks

In Case of Fire

Festivals are always a great place to check out new bands, and T in the Park has a great tradition for uncovering hidden gems. In Case of Fire are definitely worth checking out. We played some shows with them last year in their native Ireland and they were amazing every night. Expect them to be loud.
King Tut’s Tent, Sat 12 Jul.

Band of Horses

Listening to Band of Horses reminds me of recording our last album in Vancouver. Every day Simon would put it on in the car and we’d listen to ‘The Funeral’ over and over. It’s an amazing song and their new album Cease to Begin is one of my favourite records of last year.
Pet Sounds Arena, Sat 12 Jul.


I’ve never had a chance to watch Battles play live, but I’ve heard their show is pretty special. They are a band that just do things differently to other bands and I can’t wait to finally check them out. A friend of mine said he left their gig and had to go home because he thought his head was going to fall off.
Pet Sounds Arena, Sun 13 Jul.

My Morning Jacket

I only got into My Morning Jacket relatively recently, considering they’ve been doing what they do for such a long time. Their album Z from a couple of years ago was a tour bus favourite and it seems like their new one Evil Urges could become a modern classic. Every time I listen to it, I come away singing ‘Highly Suspicious’ in a stupid voice.
Pet Sounds Arena, Sun 13 Jul.

We Are Scientists

The Scientists are some of the nicest guys around. We’ve played a few shows with them over the last couple of years and they really are quite the entertainers. You’ll be laughing, but I promise it won’t be at their music, because, as we all know, their music is flawless.
Radio1/NME Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

Ben Folds

We all grew up listening to Ben Folds Five and their first couple of albums will always remind me of when we were at school. We went to see them at the Queen Margaret Union in 1998 and it was one of my all time best gigs. We got to meet them after the gig and we were so nervous I don’t think we had much to say. Ben Folds of course is a gentleman so I’m sure you’ll enjoy his company as much as we did.
Pet Sounds Arena, Sat 12 Jul.

Twin Atlantic

As I mentioned earlier, T in the Park is always a great place to see new bands, especially at the T-Break stage. Over the weekend, look out for a band called Twin Atlantic. They’re a young band from Glasgow with a massive sound. They’ve been playing some big shows recently, so I expect that they’re going to be ones to watch.
T-Break Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

Biffy Clyro play the Main Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

T in the Park

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