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  • 3 July 2008

F.Y. Aye

It may seem like the first rung on the ladder but the T Break Stage at T in the Park has showcased its fare share of future superstars. Here’s this years’ selection


State of Affairs
Promising Edinburgh-based foursome who cater in wonderfully heartfelt indie rock.

No Kilter
Excitingly frenzied math-punk quartet from Glasgow.

Figure 5
Much-adored skiffle-tinged, psychedelic garage pop outfit.

The Down and Outs
Scratchy, catchy Glasgow quartet inspired by 60s-beat groups.

Joe Acheson Quartet
Phenomenally talented outfit who skilfully mix classical, jazz, folk, rock and electronica.

The New York Fund
Boozily, melancholy country rock.


The Fire and I
Bass and drums-wielding heavy rock duo.

Scratchy, catchy guitar pop from Glasgow. See preview, page 23.

Haight Ashbury
Swoonsome psychedelic folk rock from this hippy 60s-loving foursome.

Be a Familiar
Shimmering, atmospheric post-rock .

Shouty rock’n’roll riot music for fans of the Fratellis.

Alto Elite
Soulful catchy rock-touting fivesome with big hair.


Zoey Van Goey
Super-cute trio who play little Casio keyboards, violas and accordions along with the usual indie instrument compliment.

Jocasta Sleeps
There's nothing remotely drowsy about this rocking Glasgow quartet.

Ex Wives
They say, "Two divorced women and a drum machine; like Le Tigre but with less facial hair".We say, cool!

Frightened Rabbit
Rough-edged, emotive indie from this year’s lads most likely to.

Edgar Prais
Pint puller from Aberdeen's Tunnels meets Morgan and Patillo from Alyssa's Wish for long passionate nights of 'drunken guitar pop'.

The Vivians
Professional punks with a police presence virtually guaranteed at most of their concerts. High energy stage antics at every turn.

With a lead singer called 'The Queen' and an intriguing Rocky Horror/ Stones style logo, these nu avant gardists are going to be mega.

T in the Park

From relatively humble beginnings, T in the Park has become the acknowledged behemoth of the Scottish festival scene and one of the UK's largest events. In 2015 the festival moved from its longstanding Balado location to the new grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Bands appearing in 2016 include The Stone…

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