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T in the Park has more than its fair share of superstars, but some of the less familiar names on the bill are just as likely to blow your tiny mind. Camilla Pia and Mark Robertson pick out some of this year’s finest up-and-comers


What Psychedelic synth-pop duo from Brooklyn
Unique Selling Point They sound wonderfully woozy on record but the MGMT live experience reveals a harder, darker and much more edgy side to the band. Imagine full-on swampy rock colliding with soaring melodies and synth stabs, played by a pair of eccentric, fun-loving New Yorkers who like to knock back a tipple or two – simply unmissable.
Where Pet Sounds Arena, Sat 12 Jul.

Lightspeed Champion

What Sumptuous, lovelorn country from music’s most adorable nerd
Unique Selling Point There aren’t many young singer-songwriters who can switch between writing comic books, noisepunk anthems, hip-hop tracks and big-hearted acoustic sing-a-longs with ease, but Dev Hynes is one of them and it makes him something rather special. Recently he’s been adding a whole range of indie hit and film soundtrack covers to his live set, so what he’ll dish up next is anyone’s guess.
Where Pet Sounds Arena, Sat 12 Jul.


What Magnificently dark and spiky indie rock
Unique Selling Point This London-based foursome may look like your average scenesters in their all-black attire and skin-tight jeans but as performers they are ploughing a totally distinctive furrow. Sick of your typical, run-of-the-mill guitar gigs, they take inspiration from Prince when it comes to their own live appearances making for rather spectacular viewing.
Where Relentless Energy Drink Stage, Fri 11 Jul.

White Lies

What Brooding indie with a big emotional pull
Unique Selling Point Everyone needs a good sob every now and then and if there’s any act that can get your tear-ducts working overtime it’s this West London trio. They specialise in intense, Echo and the Bunnymen-esque guitar anthems that tug on the heartstrings so hard you won’t know what’s hit you. Bring tissues. Tons of them.
Where Futures Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

Gabriella Cilmi

What An Aussie teenage pop sensation who isn’t rubbish.
Unique Selling Point Being too young to have taken the talent school/talent show route to pop infamy, Cilmi has developed as a singer-songwriterly talent without the precociousness. Although barely out of high school she’s already shifting units. Soundtracking a Dove deodorant ad might not be the normal route to recognition, but this diminutive hybrid of Macy Gray and Jamie Cullum has turned many heads with the lustrous sheen of ‘Sweet About Me’ and support slots with the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Sugababes and Nouvelle Vague.
Where Futures Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

Jaguar Love

What Ex-members of the Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves bash out a joyously catchy art-punk racket.
Unique Selling Point Johnny Whitney’s raspy falsetto may have settled down a little since his old band split but it still makes for one of the strangest and most distinctive sounds around. Mix this with unabashedly poppy tendencies and, whisper it, Jaguar Love might turn out to be more successful than the two acts that spawned them put together.
Where King Tut’s Tent, Sat 12 Jul.

Vampire Weekend

What Bookish indie pop from NYC
Unique Selling Point Who else can you rely on to bring an ‘Upper West Side Soweto’ sound to Balado? This New York foursome deal in African popular music and Western classical-influenced guitar offerings and, as esoteric as that sounds, they know their way around an infectious melody too. Vampire Weekend prove that even brainiacs know how to party.
Where King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent, Sun 13 Jul.


What Glasgow’s newest purveyors of scratchy, catchy guitar pop
Unique Selling Point Isosceles don’t do typical. Not only do Belle and Sebastian think they’re pretty (frontman Jack Valentine was a model for one of their legendary album covers) but Franz Ferdinand are big fans of this quartet’s music too. And all of this because they initially first formed as a joke for a pretend music festival – a bizarre combination of events with really quite brilliant results.
Where T Break Stage, Sat 12 Jul.

Blood Red Shoes

What Much-loved boy/girl duo who pack a sonic punch
Unique Selling Point This Brighton-based twosome sure look cute, but don’t be fooled, they make the most relentless art-rock racket around. Box of Secrets was a storming debut, but it’s live that Blood Red Shoes boast a real wow factor, with drummer Steven providing thundering rhythms to Laura-Mary’s searing, gritty riffs, not to mention the yelps and screams. Performance at its most passionate.
Where Relentless Energy Drink Stage, Fri 11 Jul.


What Infectious electronic brilliance from Brighton
Unique Selling Point You think that your music taste is diverse? Try beating Joseph Mount, aka Metronomy, at a game of playlist making. This highly-hyped quirky electro pop wizard has touched up songs by everyone from Britney Spears to Bright Eyes and Klaxons to Roots Manuva. His own music sounds like none of them, though, and in fact, like nothing else around. Minds will be blown.
Where Relentless Energy Drink Stage, Sun 13 Jul.

Ida Maria

What Gloriously raucous clatter-pop
Unique Selling Point If that cheeky glint behind Ida Maria’s eyes could talk, it would probably unleash a whole wealth of wonderfully tall tales, but for now we’ll just have to make do with her beautifully husky vocals to tell us what we need to know. Judging by her lyrics she clearly enjoys boisterous rock music and quite a bit of nakedness. Intrigued? You should be.
Where Futures Stage, Sun 13 Jul.

The Xcerts

What Heartfelt bluster from ingenious power rock trio
Unique Selling Point Hailing from such disparate parts of the country as Exeter and Aberdeen, it’s surprising this trio managed to get together in the first place, and that they have is something we should be thankful for. Listening to their clutch of singles reveals their fondness for the emotive but powerful carousing of Biffy Clyro and Idlewild, but there’s scope beyond this for something that is distinctly their own.
Where Relentless Energy Drink Stage, Sun 13 Jul.

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