Eden Blackman had 'banging headache' after working with Bobby Norris

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 November 2017
Eden Blackman

Eden Blackman

Eden Blackman has admitted he had a terrible headache when he first met Bobby Norris in 2014

Celeb's Go Dating's Eden Blackman had such a bad "banging migraine" after working with Bobby Norris that he had to take medication and sleep in a dark room.

The relationship guru has admitted he was worried about having 'The Only Way is Essex' star on the dating series over the summer because he'd previously sat alongside him on 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side' in 2014 and was left in excruciating pain because he was so flamboyant and over the top on the panel.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I'll tell you a story and no one knows this but when Bobby came in, I said to him: 'You might not remember it but I've met you before. I came in and did 'Celeb Big Brother's BOTS' in 2014 and I sat in the green room with you and I'll be honest with you, you gave me a migraine.'

"I went home and I said to my girlfriend: 'I did that show with a banging migraine because it was all 'babes' this and that.' He was so much and I genuinely needed medication. He was so apologetic. He dialled that down so he's manageable."

Although he was initially skeptical about working with Bobby, Eden was glad bosses brought a gay celebrity on to the show because it gave him a different challenge.

He explained: "I think series three, the public was ready for a gay client. Series 1 was the blind leading the blind - there was celebs coming into this show, they'd never met us and we'd never met them and we were kind of had an idea what we wanted to do. We were holding on to a runaway horse. Series three, we have a lot more people asking us if they can take part now. My DMs are verified members going: 'How do we get onto series four?' I believe we have got a series four, nothing has been confirmed, but I can't see why they wouldn't recommission it because the ratings have increased."

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