Stephanie Pratt new relationship isn't as 'trivial' as Made in Chelsea

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  • 5 November 2017
Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt insists her relationship with Jonny Mitchell is real and he'd never appear on 'Made in Chelsea'

Stephanie Pratt insists her relationship with Jonny Mitchell isn't as "trivial" as a 'Made in Chelsea' plotline.

The blonde beauty has struck up a romance with the 'Love Island' hunk but it's unlikely he'll be making an appearance on the reality show because she doesn't want too much attention on them.

Asked if he'll go on 'MIC', Jonny said: "Who knows? It's not something I've considered yet."

Stephanie added: "I just feel like our relationship isn't as trivial as a 'MIC' plotline. Bringing him to meet my family feels nicer. I'd like to give this relationship the breathing space I've never had in any other relationship, rather than having the spotlight on it."

The couple find it irritating that they've been accused of faking their romance for publicity.

Stephanie said: "I'm so used to it, everyone I date, they say it's a showmance.

"But we don't care what people think - it's not a showmance."

Jonny added: "I feel like there's a cut off for that kind of thing though. People in a showmance aren't going to go to Bali together - at least I don't think they would. Why would you go and spend loads just to make it look believable? You'd just go to Spain or something like that."

However, Stephanie, 31, can understand why people might think their relationship isn't real.

She said: "I mean, I've asked Jonny if anyone on 'Love Island' are showmances or not, so I'm guilty of wondering about that too."

But the US reality star hates that her boyfriend has a reputation for being a "pig".

She told OK! magazine: "I Googled him when my agent told me who was going to her party and it was all these terrible things. So I was like, 'I Googled you and have a million questions.' And he was so honest.

"I wanted to find out why he was hated. Does he hate women? But he is such a gentleman.

"It's so frustrating because everyone thinks that he's a pig. In Bali, he took such good care of me."

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