Amy Childs to bring out baby book?

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  • 4 November 2017
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs is hoping to bring out her own baby book next year based on motherhood

Amy Childs wants to bring out her own baby book.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who was crowned Celebrity Mum of the Year earlier this week - welcomed her beautiful daughter Polly into the world six months ago and has been enjoying the different milestones her little girl has reached thus far that she'd love to drop her own tome dedicated to weening and crawling, to name a few.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz after she won the award, she said: "I'd love to bring out my own book - not yet because I still want to learn some more - but maybe when Polly gets to one so I've had a good year of understanding what's good for her and then I'd love to bring out a book, definitely."

However, for now, the 27-year-old beauty is enjoying documenting motherhood on her social networking sites but has admitted weening has been somewhat of a challenge.

She explained: "I love the mummy blogging, Polly is six months and I'm learning more from other mums. I must admit, it was quite stressful because she was spitting everything out but now she absolutely loves her food. I feed her everything, I make all of her food fresh so I steam chicken, carrots, but she doesn't like peaches. She made this really strange face and spat it all out. She doesn't like prunes."

And, although Polly is a very "happy" baby, she's started teething so Amy - who raises the little one as a single mother after splitting with her father shortly after she was born - has been up "quite a bit in the night" with her.

She added: "She's so content, she's so happy, she's amazing. At the minute she's teething so I'm up a little bit in the night with her but other than that she's so good. You're never ready for a baby, you can read all the books but every day is a different day. Teething is hard - for me when I have a toothache, it's literally so painful - I do feel for her because I just want to take her pain away."

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