Aled Jones writes songs in his sleep

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 November 2017
Aled Jones

Aled Jones

Aled Jones has revealed he wrote his song 'Believe', from his new album 'One Voice Believe', in his sleep

Aled Jones writes songs in his sleep.

The 46-year-old singer and TV presenter has just released his new album 'One Voice Believe' on the Classic FM Label, the third and final recording in the 'One Voice' trilogy which sees Aled duetting with his younger self.

The album contains the track 'Believe' which Aled penned the lyrics too himself and although the chorus came to him in the shower, the rest of the track's words entered his mind as he slept one evening.

Speaking exclusively told BANG Showbiz, he shared: "With 'Believe', the chorus came to me when I jumped in the shower and started singing what eventually became the chorus. But a lot of the lyrics came to me in my sleep, a lot of them do. I remember it happening, when I got up in more or less an hour I had the whole song. It was definitely the case with this song, it came to me in my sleep. With other songs it's just a case of me bashing it out on the piano. I've always been good at creating tunes, not so great with lyrics.

"I'm the same when I'm trying to learn pieces to camera for my shows, if I go to bed thinking about it I use my sleep to get it all in order and when I get up I usually know it. I think a lot of performers do that, I don't know if we have trouble sleeping!"

The 'Songs of Praise' presenter maybe done with duets with his younger self but is up for making another album next year.

Aled would be interested in making an album of duets with other artists but he joked he wouldn't be able to find anyone to work with him.

He said: "I'll be doing another album, but there won't be any more duets with little Aled, this is the final one in the trilogy we've covered every song and this is it. Next year I'll do something, I've got my fingers in lots of pies and we'll see what happens. I'm always up for something new, so we'll what happens. Maybe I could do an album of duets with other people, but I don't know who would work with me!"

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