Coronation Street crew 'threaten to walk out' over working conditions

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  • 2 November 2017
Coronation Street

Coronation Street cast

'Coronation Street' crew have threatened to walk out over the working conditions while shooting the festive storyline

'Coronation Street' has reportedly been thrown into chaos after the soap's crew threatened to walk out over the working conditions in the run-up to the festive episodes.

The behind-the-scenes staff - who work the cameras, organise the set and get the cast ready for their lines - have reportedly had enough of being "overworked" now that the show airs six episodes a week and have vowed to strike unless things improve.

A source told The Sun Online: "'Corrie' bosses are facing a mutiny if nothing is done to change what's happening behind the scenes.

"They're short staffed and overworked and the crew have had enough. It's been made worse since they started filming six episodes a week.

"And now, in the run up to Christmas, they're having to work even harder to make sure everyone can have their two week break over the festive period. They've kept quiet for so long, now they're ready to make their voices heard."

But it's not just the long hours they've had enough of, as the staff are also fed up with the outdated equipment they're being forced to use - especially after ITV had no qualms splashing out an estimated £10 million on a new set in Weatherfield.

An insider explained: "The sound guys get the worst deal - they've got old kit and every boom microphone seems to be broken. They can't understand why ITV won't invest some money into getting them better equipment.

"They pay the cast millions every year, but seem to forget they wouldn't have a show if it wasn't for the crew working behind the scenes."

However, although the staff seem to have a bee in their bonnet, bosses of the soap are adamant they haven't received any complaints but are happy to address any woes.

A spokesperson said: "We have not been made aware of any broken equipment or issues over scheduling.

"If anyone had such concerns we would expect to be made aware of it directly."

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