Bitchy Mario and Luke

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  • 2 July 2008


Mario and Luke bitched about the other housemates last night. The two 'Big Brother' contestants started their gossip session by discussing Rex - who was delighted to learn he is up for eviction alongside Jennifer this week - but it wasn't long before they turned their attention to Thai massage therapist Kathreya and albino Darnell.

Chatting about Rex, Luke said: "I don't think he's doing himself any favours by saying he wants to go. Look at the way he reacted, you don't do that. Dear God!"

Beefy Mario agreed wholeheartedly and revealed Rex had aimed several "bitchy" comments at him recently.

Mario said: "He doesn't know what I've done in my life. He's been in a kitchen all his life. I'd rather go for a kebab and a pint rather than to one of his posh restaurants."

The moaning pair then moved on to Kat, with Luke claiming she was "making him sick".

Mario agreed and said he thought she was "devious" and "a smart cookie".

Luke said: "It's a toss-up between her and Darnell about who's the biggest game player."

Meanwhile, Kat broke down in tears when she discovered her friend Rex was up for eviction.

An upset Kat told Rachel, Rex and Mohamed she doesn't want to live with "horrible people" anymore.

She later went into the garden, crossed her fingers and whispered: "Oh dear God, will you take bad spirit out."

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