How to get involved in Movember and grow an outstanding moustache

How to get involved in Movember and grow an outstanding moustache

Charity aims to raisee awareness and money for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention charities

It's the start of November, which means that all over the world, folks are about to commit crimes against facial hair for charity. Only that's not really true anymore is it? Moustaches are cool, now. Look at how cool Pedro Pascal's DEA Agent Javier Pena looks in Narcos, right? Since moustaches are the order of the day, all the more reason to get yourself involved with November.

What is Movember?

Movember is a global phenomenon that's raised £440m for men's health charities since 2003. Back then, two mates met up in Melbourne, Australia, hitting the pub and coming up with a genius idea that's grown beyond their wildest dreams. Travis Garone and Luke Slattery found 30 guys willing to take up the challenge of bringing back the (then out of fashion) moustache and sport it proudly.

That first stage went so well that, for 2004's November, the concept was formalised, a website was built and a charity (the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia) was picked. At present, Movember is active in over 20 countries, with over 5 million participants since it's formation. Having broadened the scope of their charitable work, they aim to address, and fundraise for, some of the biggest health issues faced by men: including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

Let the Mo flow this #Movember and you too could look as good as 10 yr Mo Bro Andy (@mobroandy). Stop men dying too young, grow your Mo for 30 days. Sign up link in bio!

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How to get involved?

Signing up is simple. The only thing stopping you is you. Flying solo is perfectly acceptable, but working as a team and introducing a competitive element to the fundraising is a good idea too. Another way to get involved is simple supporting those taking part in the month, whether donating or attending fundraising events. Perhaps offer a compliment to someone who looks a little uncertain about their mo. Kind words go a long way folks. Sometimes a timely confidence boost can mean the world.

What kind of moustache to grow

So you've decided to grow a moustache, but what's it going to be? Will it be a handlebar, a horsehoe or a will you go full Magnum PI? After all, your choice says a lot about you.

It's a tough decision to make though, we'll give you that, so here's some inspiration for you.

Imagine Hulk Hogan without this classic look. It softens the edges a bit, makes the whole demonic persona a bit more accessible. If you're someone who likes holding a shoe and grimacing, this could be exactly what you need to take that look to the next level.

Santa better bring me Gamma 11's or be ready for the ass whoopin he's gonna be wearing! Merry Christmas @jumpman23 @pdxreg!

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The Ron Swanson look. Bushy but not overgrown. Tamed. In many ways an understated look, but one that shows off your impressive facial hair capabilities too. A trustworthy look.

Ron being Ron. #RonSwanson #SwansonStare #ParksandRec

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Not a Wrestling behemoth, or a much loved TV curmudgeon, just a bloke who loves hashtags over here, rocking an on point handlebar.

#movember :-3) 📘
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A dignified look. A beautiful gaze. A pair of glasses away from James Joyce.

When Stache looks at me he sees right into my soul. He's a vision of love for an eternity. #moustache #movember #cat #adorable #love #pet #instacat #daily #pic #petsofinstagram #blackandwhite #instagood #orientalcat #romantic

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How to look after your moustache

Once you get growing, it's important to love and nurture your mo, give it the attention it deserves. Using a good face scrub is never a bad idea, and once it gets some length you'll need to shampoo and condition it, just as you would the hair on the top of your head (if you have any). If you need to trim it, make sure you do that when its dry as wet hair appears longer than it actually is. A lovely shaving kit is a solid investment in any case. Cornerstone's bespoke kit, with a custom razor and grooming products (including an exfoliating face scrub and moisturiser) is worth having a look at. We'll give you £10 off your first box today, if you need any more incentive to get that face clean.

May your facial hair get the attention you believe it deserves.


Last but not least, there are a whole host of ways to get involved, with sponsored runs, dance nights, food markets and film screenings popping up across the country as part of Movember. Have a look and see what's happening near you, and maybe you'll even feel inspired to take on a challenge or host an event of your own?

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