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What to see at Gilded Balloon's new year-round Edinburgh venue

Highlights of what's on at the Gilded Balloon at the Rose Theatre

Dylan Moran plays Gilded Balloon's Rose Theatre on 23 & 24 Nov

Dylan Moran, Scott Gibson and Fred Macaulay all play at Rose Theatre this winter

As one of the great Edinburgh Fringe institutions, the Gilded Balloon has been spreading its wings of late. On top of regular comedy nights at Glasgow's Drygate, its new Rose Theatre venue in Edinburgh will be an all-year entertainment hotspot. Here we look at some of the highlights coming your way from late November.

Dylan Moran
The affable curmudgeon and Edinburgh-based Irish comedy legend brings us a scoopful of his Grumbling Mustard, which we'd imagine will be a potent mix of off-kilter observations with a smattering of politics and a dose of amusing cynicism about relationships. 23 & 24 Nov

Scott Gibson
The 2016 Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe has followed up that success with Like Father Like Son, a show about difficult male relationships within his family, particular the one he had with his dad who was absent for much of the comedian's life. 26 Nov

Stephen Frost
One of the masters of the British improv form returns with some pals for a Celebrity Murder Mystery Play. The twist here is that the audience has to follow the clues and guess who the killer is. Imbibing might be best kept to a minimum if you want your wits to stay about you. 30 November

George Egg
If you're a bit tired of humdrum food shows and endless articles on cuisine, then it might be time to cop a load of Egg. The DIY Chef has been conjuring up dishes from the most curious of locations and here he knocks up an unusual breakfast, lunch and dinner. 7 & 8 Dec

Fred Macaulay
Our Fred will be getting cheeky and matey with a bunch of guests from across the spectrum of life in this In Conversation affair. 10 Dec

Brave Macbeth
To all those who say Shakespeare just isn't for the kids haven't been paying attention to Captivate Theatre whose Brave Macbeth takes an impressive aim at the 4–12 year-old market. Scottish insults fly as the humour goes front and centre in the play that often dare not speaketh its name. 18–23 Dec

Paul Chowdhry
The globetrotting comic (he's played everywhere from Trinidad to Taunton) is in town as part of his Live Innit national tour. He's been dubbed as an 'outspoken nemesis of wholesome traditional Asian comics'. It's surely worth finding out what that can possibly mean, wouldn't you say? 13 & 14 Jun

David Baddiel
Having fled the stand-up scene for many years, the former one-half of Newman and Baddiel, 50% of Baddiel and Skinner, and one-quarter of the Mary Whitehouse Experience returned to the fray in 2013 and here he delivers a one-man show about his father and mother. This 'twisted love letter' to his parents is as honest as it is hilarious. 29 Jun

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