The Hot 100: Not 100

The Hot 100: Not 100

Electric Circus announced its closure in March

Incidents from 2017 that made us shake our fists and wail 'why?'

Our annual Hot 100 list celebrates individuals and organisations doing great things in the Scottish cultural scene. The Not 100 acknowledges five incidents from 2017 that definitely don't deserve to be celebrated.

The Stand v St Andrew Square
The Stand Comedy Club was unceremoniously locked out of St Andrew Square for the Edinburgh Fringe after square managers Essential Edinburgh deemed the venue's annual takeover to be deleterious and contrary to its desire to keep its status as 'an oasis of calm' in the city centre. The decision left The Stand with losses 'enough to buy a house in Edinburgh'.

The closure of yet more of Edinburgh's dwindling music venues
Edinburgh's music scene is in dire need of extra (and bigger) venues, so it's ever frustrating to see yet more spaces close. Electric Circus was unplugged in March to make way for the Fruitmarket Gallery expansion, and Studio 24 followed suit shortly after as a result of its owners' ongoing frustration at having to defend itself from constant attacks by new neighbours and the council.

Not such a Green Day
The US band were all set to play Bellahouston Park in July and were welcomed by a traditional Scottish summer, with rain forcing the concert's cancellation just an hour before the band were due on stage. When the gig became a literal washout, it wasn't just fans left disappointed; hundreds of staff were told they wouldn't be paid, thanks to the gig economy.

Boiler Room and the white men
When DJ and promoter Sarra Wild was interviewed for the Boiler Room documentary about Glasgow's house and techno culture, she celebrated that the city was 'no longer a white man's techno scene'. To avoid what they considered controversy and appease their mostly white male audience in the process, Boiler Room thought it best to excise the line from the film completely, silencing a valid contribution from a woman of colour while simultaneously making her point.

Every female character in T2: Trainspotting
Critical opinion was very much divided on the return of Renton, Begbie, Spud and Sick Boy. But no one could argue the script did many favours to the capital's women. With Diane (Kelly Macdonald) and Gail (Shirley Henderson) appearing in tiny cameo roles, the only female of note was Anjela Nedyalkova's double-crossing Bulgarian sex worker. Even Renton's mother (Eileen Nicholas) was dead from the start.

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CORRECTION: This article originally stated that Essential Edinburgh owned St Andrew Square. St Andrew Square is a private garden and Essential Edinburgh manage the square on behalf of its proprietors.

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