The Hot 100 2017: #2 National Theatre of Scotland & Jackie Wylie

The Hot 100 2017: #2 National Theatre of Scotland & Jackie Wylie

credit: Christopher Bowen

The appointment of Jackie Wylie and the success of recent NTS productions highlights the strength of Scottish theatrical culture

With a touring programme that crossed Europe and the US, a project exploring national identity through Scotland's diverse languages, a successful Fringe that discussed vital contemporary issues, and the introduction of Jackie Wylie as artistic director, the National Theatre of Scotland continues to build on its success as a 'theatre without walls'. Since its foundation in 2006, the NTS has pursued a policy that places artists and collaboration at the heart of its projects, and in 2017 it demonstrated the strength of that vision.

With the adaptation of Let the Right One In currently visiting Dublin, the NTS' recent productions ranged from an Edinburgh International Festival remounting of Zinnie Harris' epic version of Oresteia to Adam and Eve at the Traverse, which addressed personal stories of trans people with sensitivity and theatrical flair. The Last Queen of Scotland, meanwhile, explored the African diaspora through the filter of Dundee, and How to Act challenged notions of power and truth through the history of oil production in Nigeria.

The appointment of Jackie Wylie suggests an exciting future: best known for her time at the Arches, establishing the venue as a haven for experimental theatre and live art, Wylie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. With the NTS' historical enthusiasm for collaboration, her presence promises more innovation, inclusivity and diversity. From Oliver Emanuel's The 306: Dawn, through The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart to the site-specific Submarine Time Machine, the NTS speaks of a vibrant Scottish theatrical culture that recognises how a modern nation is never defined simply by a single heritage.

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